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Our Lady of La Leche has been a source of inspiration ever since the time of the Nativity.  She is the symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary nursing the Baby Jesus at her breast.   In Bethlehem where our Lord was born,  the Milk Grotto stands to honor this image of our Lady of La Leche.  Another replica  symbolizing the Divine Maternity is enshrined at the Mission of Nombre de Dios in Florida, U.S.A.

In Metro Manila,  Philippines, this icon and its corresponding name was virtually unknown.  A group of Marian devotees, organizing themselves to form the Our Lady of La Leche Movement undertook its spiritual propagation on September 2000.

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Young or old, every mother shares a common concern and prays for Godís blessing and protection on her child and family.  In whatever state they are, single, married or widowed, they experience similar dreams and fears throughout the many stages of their  motherhood.  The image of Our Lady of La Leche portrays the Blessed Mother breastfeeding the infant Jesus.   May this beautiful symbol of  motherhood bring about a renewal of faith in the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as convey a message of love and of hope,  particularly to pregnant and childless women. 


Founder-Our Lady of La Leche Movement