A rare and beautiful antique statue of our Blessed Mother was bequeathed by the late Ramon R. Ticzon, to one of his nieces, Remedios Ticzon-Gonzales when he passed away in 1999. The Blessed Mother is shown in an unusual pose - seated on the floor and lovingly breast-feeding the Infant Jesus. The beauty and the significance of the image inspired Remy (to her friends) or Baby (to her family) to propagate the spiritual devotion to Our Lady of La Leche in Metro Manila, Philippines.

At first, Baby had to ask herself, what is this image of the nursing Blessed Virgin Mary called? No one whom she approached seemed to know the answer. It was virtually unknown, even to the religious. The statue she acquired had been an heirloom, handed down by her grandmother to her uncle who was a bachelor. Baby decided to ask her parish priest, Rev. Fr. Nick Blanquisco of the Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Mandaluyong City about the possibility of propagating a devotion to this symbol of the Blessed Mother. She worked through the internet and learned that it is called Our Lady of La Leche. She undertook further research and collected enough materials.about this title of the Blessed Mother. With the assistance of Fr. Nick, she was able to obtain permission, on May 8, 2000, from His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, through the then Vicar General, Msgr. Socrates Villegas, to promote the spiritual devotion in Metro Manila. At the same time, ecclesiastical approval was granted to print the novena prayers.

Thereupon, the Our Lady of La Leche Movement was formed., composed of women friends who are all Marian devotees. Together, they took the task of spreading the devotion and promoting the image, more particularly to pregnant and childless women to whom Our Lady of La Leche stands as a worthy patroness. On September 9 of the same year, the first replica was unveiled at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Mandaluyong City. Initially, the members of the OLLL Movement conducted the Saturday novena at the parish church. Eventually, they embarked on an outreach program bringing the pilgrim image of our Lady to hospitals, maternity clinics, homes for unwed mothers and even to private homes in Metro Manila, upon request. Novena pamphlets, stampitas, posters, calendars and tiny statues of our Lady that the members of the Movement distributed, greatly helped to promote the devotion.

The original members of the Our Lady of La Leche Movement are the following:

Remedios "Baby" Ticzon Gonzales - founder
Linda L. Magnaye
Caren C. Ramirez
Cora T. Ticzon
Clarita "Teet" Regalado
Juliet "Yeyet" Tagle Martinez
Cora Balazuela
Tess Organista
Edith King
Mila Esguerra
Star Siao

The OLLL Movement has been blessed with very kind and generous supporters, among who, are the following:

Mrs. Belen Ticzon Martel
     Chair, Belco Marketing Inc. and Vice-President, Harrison Plaza

Sr. Pilar Verzosa, RGS
     National Coordinator, Pro-life Phils.

Mrs. Lydia Sison
     Owner, Rosary Theater

Graduates of class '55, College of the Holy Spirit
Mendiola, Manila