To encourage a renewal of faith in the Blessed Mother and to make our Lady of La Leche better known to many,  the members of the Movement embarked on an outreach program in the form of carrying a pilgrim image to hospitals, maternity clinics and homes for unwed mothers. Eventually,  individuals with special petitions requested to have the image brought to their homes.  Pregnant  women praying for a safe delivery, childless women desiring to become pregnant as well as mothers having problems or difficulty with their children found comfort having the image of Our Lady of Leche in their homes and enabled them to say the novena prayers in closer communion with the Blessed Mother.

Since the start of the propagation, testimonies and other accounts of answered prayers have been received from those who had made the novena devotion.  A tall replica of Our Lady of La Leche that used to be at the Rosary Theater, Edsa Shangrila Mall, Mandaluyong City,  can now be visited at the Center for Peace in Lopez Rizal St., also in Mandaluyong City (Tel. No. 531-1216) Similar images are enshrined at the parish of Our Lady of Fatima as well as in the chapel of Harrison Plaza Mall,  Manila.